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Braces Safe Baking with Bubon Orthodontics


Braces Safe Baking with Bubon Orthodontics In response to the COVID-19 global pandemic, we’ve all been staying inside as much as we can. While this may be inconvenient and can cause anxiety, there is always a bright side if we look for it. This could be the perfect opportunity to learn a new skill or practice an old one! We’ve seen a lot of our community members turn to cooking and baking to ease their minds during these uncertain times. Spending time in the kitchen is something the whole family can enjoy doing together. Experimenting with new recipes [...]

Everything You Need to Know to Protect Your Child’s Smile


Everything You Need to Know to Protect Your Child's Smile February is National Children’s Dental Health month and to celebrate its importance we’d like to share valuable information to ensure your child has a healthy smile! Did you know children should visit an orthodontist by age seven? According to the American Association of Orthodontics (AAO), visiting an orthodontist around age seven will allow for potential orthodontic complications to be diagnosed and corrected before they become more severe. It also will allow their oral development to be monitored throughout their growth. Waiting until all your child’s permanent teeth [...]

Milwaukee Magazine’s Top Orthodontist


Bubon Orthodontics: Milwaukee Magazine’s Top Orthodontist Look past the comfortable waiting rooms, beyond the coffee bar and past the state-of-the-art equipment, and you will see the very essence of Bubon Orthodontics – a smile upon a face. A teenager smiling into their camera after their braces were removed, adult Invisalign patients speaking confidently as their clear aligners discreetly straighten their teeth, and a child excited to start early treatment – relieved not to be teased at school anymore because of crooked teeth and an overbite. Bubon Orthodontics, a privately-owned practice, has been putting smiles on people’s faces in  Southeastern [...]

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New Year. New Smile.


Bubon Orthodontics will check off your New Years Resolution for you! Celebrate the New Year with Bubon Orthodontics! With a New Year comes new resolutions. Maybe you would like to have more self-confidence? Or possibly even to smile more is on your list? Bring on 2019 with a brighter smile than ever before at Bubon Orthodontics, where smiles are all we do! Visit BubonOrtho.com today to schedule your complimentary consultation appointment today! This is a no obligation and completely free visit where we will give you an exact quote and treatment plan that day. We offer in-house flexible payment [...]

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Holiday Treat Recipes for Orthodontic Braces and Invitation to Free Holiday Event


Cookies and Pictures with Santa and his Live Reindeer! The Holidays are here which means family time, holiday activities, baking and eating holiday goodies commences. We have everything on your holiday to-do list right here! A fun and free family event and our 3 favorite holiday snacks that are braces friendly! On December 15th Bubon Orthodontics will be hosting Santa, Mrs. Clause and their live reindeer at our Brookfield office! Come visit us and get your picture taken with Santa and his reindeer. Then you can complete your holiday wish list while enjoying some cookies and cocoa [...]

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Use It or Lose It: Don’t Let Your Pre-Tax Dollars Go To Waste!


A flexible spending account (FSA) is tax-saving way to set aside funds to pay for any healthcare services not covered by your insurance or even to put toward the balance after insurance in many cases. The current law allows individuals to set aside up to $2,550 per year. That’s $5,100 for a two-income household! Money added to your FSA is tax free, so this will definitely help lessen the cost for orthodontic treatment and help save you quite a bit of money. Unfortunately, your FSA money does not roll over like a health savings account does, so you want [...]

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How To Prevent The Cold And Flu This Season


‘Tis the season for holiday preparation, shopping, baking and lots of get togethers. To help you have a healthy holiday season we have prepared a list of preventative measures to practice: Hand Washing. I’m sure you’ve never heard this before, but hand washing can kill bacteria and stop the spread of germs and sicknesses! Remember to use warm water and soap and use a towel to turn on/off the faucet and to open/close the doors. No paper towels? Try your elbows! And remember to sing this song while washing: Image by Menzies School of Health Research Feel a sneeze or [...]

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National Orthodontic Health Month


What many may not realize about Orthodontic treatment is that it goes beyond esthetically pleasing teeth. The treatment of correcting misaligned teeth and jaw occlusion is to help improve the overall health of the teeth. October is National Orthodontic Health Month and was created to help raise awareness of the benefits of orthodontic treatment and the importance of good oral health. Benefits of properly aligned teeth are much easier to brush, floss, and maintain than teeth that are crooked. Therefore, it’s no surprise that those with straighter teeth are much more likely to have healthy teeth and gums. Orthodontic [...]

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What Can I Eat With Braces?


What to do after a braces appointment and how to set up for a successful time in braces may seem, to some, as a mystery. At Bubon Orthodontics we’re here to help make this transition as seamless as possible. Your time in braces is filled with adjustments—and not just the braces adjustments that occur at your orthodontist appointment! You will need to make several lifestyle adjustments while you wear braces, one of the most notable adjustments being your menu. It’s important to follow your orthodontist’s advice about what foods to avoid while in braces. Certain foods can increase the [...]

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Why Choose Bubon Orthodontics?


Why Choose Bubon Orthodontics? Innovative and advanced technology. Holistic and natural treatment philosophy while practicing fast and comfortable treatment methods. Bubon Orthodontics is the #1 Invisalign provider in the state and top 1% provider in the nation treating thousands of patients a year.  Our doctors and staff are friendly, knowledgeable and experienced. We have a fun and relaxing atmosphere to match our treatment philosophy and multiple convenient office locations. At Bubon Orthodontics we don’t want to just say we’re the best, we want to offer the best because that’s what you deserve. Be confident not just [...]

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