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Every Smile Is Unique

No two patients are the same, meaning no two orthodontic treatments will likely look the same. Bubon Orthodontics works individually to ensure that each patient is receiving the best treatment option.

A Modern Approach To Smiles

First and foremost, we are extremely efficient. So much so that our office was written up in Orthodontic Products Report for our modern and highly efficient set up. When businesses run efficiently, overhead is reduced and fees don’t have to be raised as often. In addition, because we have a large operation, we get the most competitive pricing on all of our supplies including our Invisalign manufacturing bills.

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Affordable Orthodontic Care

Our scale of operation allows us to take advantage of efficiencies to reduce overall costs and overhead. We pass those costs savings on to our clients!


Within Reach

Bubon Orthodontics works with patients to ensure that treatment is affordable. The average cost for braces in Milwaukee is $5,800-$6,800, yet our average cost for orthodontic treatment is $4,500-$5,500. Learn more about the cost of braces.

Early Treatment

As early as seven years old, children are eligible for an orthodontic screening. In fact, early treatment often simplifies later treatment. Learn more about kids braces.

Specialized Products

Bubon Orthodontics offers a variety of products, all designed to help you achieve your best smile. Learn more about your orthodontic options and discover the product that best fits your needs with a free consultation.

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Bubon Orthodontics is a VIP Diamond Provider

Invisalign is a series of clear, removable teeth aligners used as an alternative to traditional metal braces.

Despite being a traditional orthodontic product, all the braces we offer harness the latest technology advancements.

Bubon Orthodontics offers four kinds of braces – each designed with a different appearance and specific purpose.

Beyond Braces

Bubon Orthodontics does more than straightening teeth. With services like Dental Laser Technology and TMJ treatment, our office helps ensure that all patients are looking and feeling their best

Once your braces are on, our office teaches every patient understands proper care and maintenance. When rare situations arise, Bubon Orthodontics is available to help patients handle emergencies.

What Can I Eat With Braces?

What to do after a braces appointment and how to set up for a successful time in braces may seem, to some, as a mystery. At Bubon Orthodontics we’re here to help make this transition as seamless as possible. Your time in braces is filled with adjustments—and not just the braces adjustments that occur at your orthodontist appointment! You will need to make several lifestyle adjustments while you wear braces, one of the most notable adjustments being your menu. It’s important to follow your orthodontist’s advice about what foods to avoid while in braces. Certain foods can increase the risk of a bracket or wire breaking. This could mean an extra trip to the office and may even slow down your treatment time. There are a lot of foods that you can eat with braces and a bunch of websites that offer both adult and kid-friendly recipes! For example, Super Healthy Kids offers a week’s worth of meal plans for someone new to braces. A breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner option are outlined for each day. The site includes recipes for items such as homemade pudding, creamy polenta, chili, miso soup, grilled tofu, and homemade applesauce and smoothies. Another [...]

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