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We are more than smiles

Bubon Orthodontics means much more than straightening teeth. It means more than giving families the best value for their orthodontic treatment. Bubon Orthodontics means using cutting-edge technology to get the best result in the fastest time and passing that efficiency on to our families so that the treatment can be performed for less cost. It also implies using treatment methods that reduce the need to pull teeth or resort to surgery in order to get the desired result. Bubon Orthodontics takes a holistic approach to the teeth alignment process whereby the overall facial features, lips and even TMJ health are all taken into consideration when planning our treatment—all with the patient’s ultimate goals in mind. And, if you are considering Invisalign Treatment, you won’t find more experienced doctors than at Bubon Orthodontics.

We are the state’s top Invisalign Provider –the only “Elite” provider in the state and one of the few in the nation! But that only describes the clinical side of Bubon Orthodontics. Beyond great treatment methods, all our patients experience an ambiance of friendliness and a gentle, caring approach to their entire orthodontic experience. We know it’s appreciated because of all the referrals we get from our existing patients! Orthodontic treatment takes more than a few visits to complete, so it’s important that you enjoy your time with us! We make every effort to make each visit comfortable and pleasant. This means having spacious, modern office environments: fireplaces, coffee bars, free Wi-Fi… these comprise just some of our amenities. More than this though, we pride ourselves on our friendliness and spirit of service—it’s part of our “corporate culture” and it’s why, at Bubon Orthodontics, we make families smile!

Affordable Orthodontic Care

Our scale of operation allows us to take advantage of efficiencies to reduce overall costs and overhead. We pass those costs savings on to our clients!


“The Cost of Doing Business”: Technology Doesn’t Have to Cost the Consumer

Health care costs in the United States have been rising at a rapid rate for more than a decade now. Dentistry is no exception. While the reasons for cost increases are multi-fold, unquestionably a significant factor is the increased costs associated with advancements in technology. Every doctor and dentist will tell you that they greatly appreciate the diagnostic and treatment enhancements afforded to us by modern technology, but all this comes with a cost. In orthodontics, the progress in the last 25 years has been outstanding and mind-boggling! {Hey, the PC was just coming of age when I graduated from orthodontic school in 1988}! To list just some of the more significant technological advancements: Digital photography Digital radiography 3-D radiograph Custom-made computer-generated braces and arch wires Custom computer-generated clear aligners (Invisalign Treatment) The computer age has enabled us to provide quality treatment in ways never foreseen before the turn of the last century. It has enabled orthodontists to treat faster, more efficiently and with less discomfort than ever before. Gone are the ugly and painful braces that had to be worn in the 70’s! {I still remember those painful bands and spacers}! : [...]