It’s March, which means Spring Break is around the corner! Time to get away and have some fun (hopefully in the sun!). BUT even though you’re on vacation, your braces and Invisalign are still hard at work. We put together a packing list for your teeth – check it out:

    • Toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash & floss – Of course! Regular care for your teeth is always necessary, plus it’ll put you in a better mood when you don’t have coffee breath (or stains!).
    • Mini brush & floss threaders – For those hard-to-reach places. When you have braces, food can get stuck often. Don’t ruin a day of pictures with an unsightly piece of lettuce!
  • Retainer or Invisalign cases – You’ll be wearing your retainer or Invisalign aligners when you board that plane, so it may not be top-of-mind. Add your case to your carry-on or jacket pocket as soon as you place the appliance in your mouth for the day. Keeping the case close by will help keep your appliances clean and safe when you have any snacks or meals en route and during vacation.
  • Wax – We know you have 3-4 packs of wax lying around your home, work or school. Throw one into your toiletries just in case – you never know when a wire will strike!
  • Denture tablets – Yes, denture tablets. While it may seem odd, these tablets can help thoroughly clean your retainer or appliances if you drop them in the sand, on the road, or in the trash!
  • Appliance key – Some of you may have an expander that needs a key to turn it on a regular basis. Missing any turns can affect the amount of time you have to wear the appliance – no skipping out!
  • Bubon Orthodontics business card – For any other emergencies! Each Bubon Orthodontics location has a business card at the front desk with a phone number for emergencies – just in case you need to call for advice on a unique mishap!

One last suggestion – although this is not a packing item, it’s a good reminder: Remember which foods you can and cannot eat with your braces or appliances. If you’re vacationing in a different location, you’ll probably want to try new dishes. Stay away from the same things you would at home – no chewy, crunchy, sticky or hard foods; these can damage your braces or appliances. You may be on vacation, but your braces aren’t!

If you have any questions about what to pack, feel free to reach out to your Bubon Orthodontics office.