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​Brookfield Location

Now Accepting Appointments

We are pleased to provide orthodontics for you and your family. In an effort to improve our service, we built a new facility very close to our previous location in Brookfield. This new office is conveniently located across from Brookfield Central and is very close to St. John Vianney Catholic school and Ruby Isle Shopping Center. We are sure you will enjoy our new office! Come visit us!

Brookfield Contact Information

1905 North Calhoun Rd.
Brookfield, WI 53005

Phone: 262.522.7447

Affordable Orthodontic Care

Our scale of operation allows us to take advantage of efficiencies to reduce overall costs and overhead. We pass those costs savings on to our clients!


Most Valuable Parent | MVP Club

If you’re a parent of a Bubon Orthodontics patient, we want you to know how much we appreciate you. In fact, we appreciate you SO much, we started a club in your honor! “We always make a point to thank our kid patients for coming in,” says Kristin Soiney, Bubon Orthodontics Treatment Coordinator. “But it’s the parents who bring them. “We recognize the effort it takes to do that for sometimes several years.” That’s why Bubon Orthodontics created the MVP Club – for “Most Valuable Parent.” “It’s a way to give back to parents,” Kristin says. “Parents reward kids for things. Sometimes parents need a little reward.” The MVP Club has weekly drawings for gift cards, which can include everything from ice cream to dinner at a restaurant. MVP members can even get discounts on ortho fees for themselves or their spouse. Check out the MVP Club on the Bubon Orthodontics Facebook page, or visit the MVP Club page below. Visit MVP Club on Facebook Click here to sign up