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Bubon Orthodontics Offers Powerful Itero Technology!

Invisalign Patients Rejoice!

Technology has resolved one of the only inconvenient issues with respect to Invisalign treatment. No longer will patients have to have rubber molds made of their mouths and sent to Invisalign for scanning. Welcome the iTero Scanner!

The iTero Scanner is one of the most exciting achievements in dentistry to date. This device is capable of mapping your mouth in a fashion that is comfortable, reliable, safe and accurate. Watch the video below showing how the iTero Scanner works from our TMJ4 – Morning Blend Segment.

With the iTero Scanner, you not only avoid impressions which can be a nuisance and uncomfortable, but you also get your aligners back much faster! This is because the scan is e-mailed directly to Align Technologies and put in the cue for processing. (With impressions, there was shipping time and the time necessary to scan the impressions themselves). With the iTero scanner, the time necessary to make the aligners is cut in half!

What is the Itero Scanner?

The iTero Scanner is a high technology scanning wand that can create a digital map of your mouth. The image can be used for diagnostic purposes, crown fabrication or Invisalign fabrication.

Patients are encouraged to view their images as they are taken on our in-office computer display. After we have finished taking snapshots of your entire oral cavity, we then create a 3-dimensional landscape using the digital photography. The technology is much more convenient than the old method and has been found to be even more accurate than using liquid plaster. We encourage you to explore Invisalign treatment for yourself or someone you know. Getting straight teeth has never been simpler or easier!

iTero Scanner in Use

Affordable Orthodontic Care

Our scale of operation allows us to take advantage of efficiencies to reduce overall costs and overhead. We pass those costs savings on to our clients!

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