Incognito Lingual Braces: They’re Invisible!

The Incognito™ Appliance System is an established and highly effective custom lingual bracket system! It features digitally customized brackets and archwires with precision manufacturing using CAD/CAM technology. The Incognito™ System is engineered to deliver targeted results for your orthodontic treatment without compromising convenience and comfort.

Incognito™ is an invisible esthetic option for straightening teeth. It attaches to the interior, or lingual side of your teeth, so no one will know you are wearing braces but you! This allows you to smile with confidence, not just after treatment, but during as well!

Your orthodontist is able to create your personal treatment plan by utilizing the Incognito™ System’s advanced computer technology. Your teeth are scanned digitally into a 3D image and then moved to their ideal position using proprietary software. Robotically bent wires are fabricated to help deliver a high level of orthodontic precision and accuracy in tooth position. This results in a fully customized, invisible treatment created exclusively for you.

Incognito™ is specifically designed with your comfort in mind. Using CAD/CAM technology, rapid prototyping and robotics your orthodontic appliances are made to fit seamlessly to the shape and contour of your teeth. Each bracket has smooth, rounded edges and a low profile that conforms to your unique dental anatomy and the wires used are therefore, closer to your teeth. This allows for an overall comfortable experience.

Affordable Orthodontic Care

Our scale of operation allows us to take advantage of efficiencies to reduce overall costs and overhead. We pass those costs savings on to our clients!

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