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Monthly Archives: December 2016

The Nuts and Bolts of Invisalign


Many of my patients who have come to me for braces understand what they're getting into. Sure, braces will give you a healthy and beautiful smile, but they require some lifestyle changes affecting what you eat and how you brush your teeth, not to mention the visibility of them! But there's good news! There are now many simpler alternatives to traditional metal braces. These alternatives are easier on patients and much more convenient, but they still give you your dream smile in the end – sometimes even faster than traditional braces would! At Bubon Orthodontics, we are proud to be [...]

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Why Harmony Braces Are The Best


By: Dr. Michael Bubon Braces behind your teeth. Braces you can’t see? Is there really such a thing? Yes, and they’re called Harmony® braces. Similar to SureSmile braces, which are on the front of the teeth, we strongly prefer Harmony braces because they’re unseen. If you’ve had kids with braces, you know they often like wearing them, showing them off, and changing rubber band colors to match different holidays. Adults don’t begin to share that enthusiasm. The typical adult patient wants their braces experience to be easy and fast and produce the results they’ve been waiting for all their life. [...]

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